How to share your catalog and storefront with buyers

How to share your catalog

In Candid anyone that creates a catalog and/or storefront will have their own unique URL that they can use to share their catalog and/or storefront with buyers. These shareable links can be copied from the admin menu found at the bottom of any page in Candid when you hover over your brand's image with your mouse:

Clicking on either of the share icons will then create a copy of the link and save the URL to the clipboard on your computer. This shareable URL link can then be pasted into emails, web pages, line sheets, or anywhere else you want buyers to find you.

When a buyer clicks on the shared catalog link they will then be able to view your catalog and start an order:

When they click on the start an order button they will then be prompted to register for an account in Candid if they don't have one already:

After filling out the registration form they will then be asked to enter the link for their company's website:

Note:It's not required that they enter a website to create an account but it's highly encouraged since it helps us verify their identity and keep Candid secure for all of our customers.

If they don't have a website they can choose to continue by clicking Manually Add Company.

We do require that manually added companies have at least one social media account link that they can share with us or an EIN number that they can enter in the notes field. They can also enter another URL if they use another platform for buying wholesale. We will only use this information to verify their identity:

Sharing your storefront

When a buyer clicks on your storefront link they will be taken to your Storefront page where they also have the ability to shop your wholesale catalog and place orders:

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