How do I start an order with a buyer who isn't in Candid?

If you search for someone and they don't come up in the search results this most likely means that they aren't in Candid yet. Under the search area you can then choose to add them manually.

We keep track of companies via their website URL, so if someone isn't in the system yet all you have to do is click the Add a New Customer button when you're starting a new customer order:

Note: We run these website URLs through a validator to keep robots from abusing the system - every now and then it rejects a valid website. If this happens click on the Add Company Manually button:

You can then start building your order right away, without waiting for the other party to log in or create an account.

Once you have everything looking right, click the Submit Order button to initiate contact with your customer:

Since they aren't already in Candid, you'll have to enter their contact information manually:

Once you click Send they'll get an email letting them know an order is waiting for them in Candid and a link that directs them to that order. When they click on the email link they will then be asked to accept their invite to Candid and set up their own password.

An example of the type of email your customer will receive is shown below. Please note that these emails are in the process of being updated so they might see something slightly different than this:

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