How to share ordering details with your buyers

Sometimes you might need to share special ordering instructions with your customers. In Candid you can add these instructions so that they show up on all orders.

To get started open a sales order and click on the Details tab. Then click on the drop-down Ordering Details arrow as seen below:

A dialog box with instructional text will open up. Note that you can include markdown syntax while your typing if you want to add some formatting to your text:

Note: If you click on the highlighted text that says Markdown it will link you to a tutorial that will teach you how to use markdown syntax. Or you can access a markdown cheatsheet here:

To start writing click on the Edit button:

Note that you can edit text in two places:

When the Pop Up checkbox is selected your customers will see your ordering details message on every new order:

The pop-up will look something like this to your buyer:

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