How to invite your buyers to join you on orders in Candid

Sharing your catalog and storefront links are some of the best ways to introduce your current & future buyers to Candid and allow them to place orders with you. Viewing your catalog and storefront links will give them the opportunity to create their own account and login for placing orders. Once they create their Candid account they will enjoy many of the same features you do: collaborating on orders, viewing order history, and reordering. And best of all it's completely free for them to join.

We recommend inviting your buyers to Candid using one of these methods:

  1. Order invites - you create a draft order, add the buyer's contact info to the order, and send the order to them. This will send them an email with a clickable link that directs them to the order, which will then prompt them to create an account so that they can view the order in Candid.
  2. Catalog & Storefront links - you share your catalog or storefront link with your buyer, which allows them preview your catalog. When they click on "start an order" from your catalog they will then be prompted to create their own account after which they can start ordering from your catalog.
  3. Send a catalog or storefront link in a group email to all of your approved buyers - if you have a large group of buyers this is the fastest way to invite all of your buyers to create an account. It's also a good way to announce that you will be using Candid for wholesale ordering.
  4. Send your buyer list to us - (for Pro and Complete subscribers) you send us a list of all of your buyers and we create accounts for them and send them login invites. This is a good option if you have already announced to your buyers that you are going to be using Candid for wholesale ordering.

Important note: If you send a draft order and your catalog link to the same buyer this could potentially create duplicate company records for that buyer in our system. This is because your buyer can use both methods to create an account. For this reason we recommend that you only choose one invite method per buyer when you invite them to Candid. If you believe you have created a duplicate company record, or if you need to update a company record, please contact our support team for assistance at:

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