How to pay an invoice

Note: In order for you to pay an invoice directly in Candid, your vendor will need to have Candid Pay set up so that they can accept payments using our in-app card processing service. If your vendor isn't using Candid Pay you will need to contact them directly to see how they accept payments.

How to pay an invoice directly in Candid

The quickest way to pay an invoice is to navigate to your order history page and find the order you would like to pay:

You can find outstanding invoices you need to pay by viewing the Invoice Status column:

Helpful Tip: Clicking on the Invoice Status text will sort the column to show overdue invoices at the top of the list.

Then select the order you want to pay from the list:

Click the Pay Now button:

Next, enter your card info and click Save Card if you would like to use it for future payments. Then click Pay Now:

Tip: Make sure the zip code you enter matches the card details exactly or your payment won't be accepted.

NOTE: If you don't see the Pay Now option on your order or invoice this means the seller hasn't set up a Candid Pay account. Please contact the seller to find out how they would like you to pay invoices with them if this is the case.

How to pay an invoice that was emailed to you

Another way you can pay invoices is when the seller emails you an invoice link. It will look similar to this:

Click on the Pay Invoice link and then click Payment Terminal in the new window:

Enter your card info and then click Pay to submit your payment:

You will then get an email confirming that your payment has been made. The order will then also be marked as paid in Candid.

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